Mazda RX-8 Oil Metering Pump (Sohn) Adapter Installation Support Kit​

Now available to purchase for the first time--A complete kit to support the installation of an oil metering pump adapter in your Mazda RX-8!
As an RX-8 owner and rotary engine enthusiast, you are already aware that the apex seals within your Renesis engine require lubrication.  This is accomplished by injecting oil into the epitrochoidal combustion chambers.  In a stock RX-8, oil is drawn directly from the engine oil reservoir and injected into the engine by a small engine driven pump.  The downside of this stock approach is that dirty 4-cycle engine oil is being injected into the combustion chamber, increasing the likelihood of carbon buildup and apex seal failure.  Additionally, the use of synthetic oil which would be beneficial to the rest of the engine is not recommended since it resists combustion, further increasing the likelihood of carbon fouling.

$95 for installation kit only.

$230 for kit with sohn adapter included.

Easy Do it yourself installation

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