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MazDa RX-8 Parts

I just got my kit today. It seems that USPS put a boot sized hole in the side of my box, but thankfully all the parts were there and undamaged! I'm completely amazed that
the hardware didn't fall out of the box during transit with that big of a hole in the side.

For reference I ordered mine without the washer bottle since I don't have a window washer system because racecar. Props to Epitroch for being flexible on this, there are a lot of companies out there that refuse to work with out of the ordinary requests, thank you for not being one of those companies!

I will be mounting my catch can where the washer bottle goes, was very happy to kill two birds with one stone and have a new mounting solution for that thing as well as a nice and neat oil tank setup.

Quick review:
-The aluminum plate is thicker than I thought it would be, very sturdy.
-I did a quick test fit and all the holes line up perfectly.
-The oil tank and line and all hardware seem to be of very high quality.
-Everything you need is included in the kit, it even has some zip ties for routing the oil line.
-Instructions and documentation that come with the kit are EXTREMELY detailed and easy to understand, very nice!
-The hand written thank you note was a nice touch, don't see that very often.

I probably won't install it until I get the engine back in, but will have more info in my build thread when I do.

Anyways, definitely looking forward to more products from Epitroch. This kit at
even the non-introductory price is a no-brainer and great value for anyone that
is thinking of getting a SOHN adapter or anyone that wants a cleaner and neater
solution for an external oil injection tank.

I got my kit....I am a fussy engineer that never gets anything I like ,there is always something that makes me think...darn it I should have just did it myself. But this kit is good. This kit is nicely done...the flat plate, has threaded inserts that you don't see in the pictures. The fasteners have washers under their heads, and are metric...I hate putting English stuff on a metric car. The hose is the proper hose for use with oil... While you could do it yourself cheaper....for the fit and finish of this kit and the fact that its done, makes it a no brainer. I look forward to other products that you guys put together...its nice to hit the easy button, and have it truly be the easy button!

…install was easy no more crank case oil for my baby!