Epitroch LLC has an arrangement with Real World Solutions, Inc. to offer bundles that include both the Sohn oil metering pump adapter AND a complete installation kit for your Mazda RX-8! 
Installation of the Sohn adapter is only half the battle. You will also need a separate reservoir to hold the 2-stroke injection oil, a way to securely mount it within the engine compartment and tubing to reliably deliver the oil to the adapter   That is where Epitroch LLC comes in! We have built a one-stop shop kit to finish the job. Our solution replaces the stock windshield wiper fluid container with a rugged 1/8" inch thick laser-cut aluminum backplate. Also included in the kit are two new containers. The first is the oil reservoir which includes an integral ¼” fitting and an industrial-quality vented cap. The second is for windshield wiper fluid. Both are constructed of clear HDPE; extremely rugged yet clear to allow easy monitoring of fluid levels. The wiper fluid container comes pre-cut so you can easily transfer your wiper fluid pump(s) over and also includes a vented cap. Additionally, the kit comes with tubing specifically formulated to resist the corrosive effects of hydrocarbon-based fluids.  It’s transparent yellow color also provides for easy identification and flow monitoring and its operating temperature range is -35°F to 165°F. All supporting mounting hardware is also included.

If you have been holding off on installing an oil metering pump adapter because of indecision over the ancillaries, your wait is over! Epitroch LLC is now able to bring you the complete end-to-end solution. There’s no excuse for not completing this important modification when the total cost (including the adapter itself) is just $230 and will likely keep your engine running cleaner and longer.  
The Complete RX-8 Sohn Adapter Solution is now available.

Easy Do it yourself installation

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